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About - McCrossen Consulting

McCrossen Consulting’s vision is to achieve success by helping our clients manage their employee benefit plan risks.

McCrossen Consulting will manage our clients’ employee benefit plan risks by:

  • Making sense of complex issues
  • Turning concepts into client-relevant solutions
  • Leading change while focusing on cost control
  • Maximizing results for our clients

Core Values
At McCrossen Consulting, our core values are to:

  • Service our clients with the highest level of professional excellence
  • Act with integrity above all else
  • Ensure transparency in our client relationships
  • Deliver results consistently and enthusiastically

Scott Fisher is the president of McCrossen Consulting, LLC. He has 22 years of employee benefit plan and risk management experience. He is a business leader and an educator and has a strong belief in community service. He spent 20 years as an employee benefits attorney and a senior business leader in Fortune 500 risk management and global consulting firms.

For the past 10 years, he has been an adjunct lecturer in risk management, insurance and employee benefit plans in the finance department of a nationally ranked business college. He has participated in numerous non-profit boards and has written and presented on the importance of risk management for organizations.


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